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With more than 50 years of experience in LP gas container reinspection, we accept LP gas containers from LP gas retailers, taxi companies, and transportation companies throughout Kagoshima Prefecture, including remote islands, and comply with laws and regulations. We try to inspect each container one by one on the basis of thoroughness in small things.

Related Affiliation

  • Japan High Pressure Gas Container Inspection Association
  • Kyushu LP Gas Container Inspection Station Liaison Council
  • Kagoshima LP Gas Container Inspection Council
  • Japan Welded Container Industry Association
  • High Pressure Gas Safety Institute
  • Kagoshima LP Gas Association

  • LPガス容器再検査所

    LP gas container re-inspection station

  • 指定保安検査機関

    Designated safety inspection agency

  • LPガス自動車取扱指定工場

    Designated factory for handling LP gas vehicles

  • 液化石油ガス設備工事

    Liquefied petroleum gas equipment construction

  • 水素自動車燃料装置用容器再検査

    Container re-inspection for hydrogen vehicle fuel system

LP gas container re-inspection station

LP gas container re-inspection (steel container, aluminum container, FRP container)
Household LP gas container re-inspection
Crushing process
Automotive container reinspection
500K container re-inspection
2.9t container re-inspection
Commercial bulk truck re-inspection
Large truck re-inspection
Container repainting work
Disposal container scrap processing
Security inspection (mobile/stationary manufacturing equipment)
New EFI container re-inspection
Re-inspection of accessories such as container valves
Notification inspection and waste treatment of civilian bulk storage tanks
LP gas automobile structure and airtightness inspection


  • 家庭用LPガス容器再検査及びくず化処理

    Household LP gas container re-inspection and disposal

    “Disposal of waste” to prevent accidents caused by containers that are no longer used is one of the important tasks of the container inspection station. At our company, the gas remaining in the container is recovered to a negative pressure, and then scrapped by a press machine.

  • 自動車燃料装置用容器再検査

    Vessel reinspection for automobile fuel system

    We inspect containers mounted for the fuel system of vehicles that use LP gas, such as taxis, trucks, and forklifts used in factories.

  • Re-inspection and scrap processing of large containers, bulk containers, and special containers

    We provide consistent support for large LP gas containers installed in various environments such as stores, collective housing, facilities, and factories, as well as replacement work for special containers with siphon pipes, re-inspection, and scrap disposal.

  • タンクローリ・バルクローリ等容器再検査

    Container re-inspection for tank trucks, bulk trucks, etc.

    We inspect tank trucks, bulk trucks, trailers, bulk trailers, and consumer bulk trucks that are mainly used to transport LP gas. The chassis is also inspected by an auto mechanic while the canister is removed from the vehicle.

  • 民生用バルク貯槽の入れ替え工事、告示検査及びくず化処理

    Replacement work for consumer bulk storage tanks, notification inspections, and waste treatment

    In recent years, 20 years have passed since the manufacture of consumer bulk storage tanks, which are often used in stores and collective housing, and systematic and efficient replacement work has become an issue. We consistently handle everything from replacement work at the installation site to notification inspections and scrap disposal.

  • LPガス容器用バルブの再検査や民生用バルク貯槽の安全弁の再検査と取り換え工事

    Accessory re-inspection

    We perform inspection, inspection and replacement work for equipment attached to containers and storage tanks, such as re-inspection of valves for LP gas containers and re-inspection and replacement of safety valves for consumer bulk storage tanks.

Designated security inspection period

Periodic self-inspections and safety inspections are required every year for mobile manufacturing equipment and filling equipment. In October 2008, we obtained the designation permission of the designated security inspection agency. As a result, it is now possible for us to conduct regular self-inspections and safety inspections.



Designated factory for handling LP gas vehicles

In August 2017, we acquired the designation permission of the designated factory handling LP gas vehicles. As a result, we are now able to issue the "airtightness inspection certificate" required for vehicle inspections of LP gas fueled vehicles, and conduct airtightness inspections and bulkhead inspections when replacing containers. The airtightness inspection takes about 30 minutes, so some customers stop by our company before sending their cars for inspection.


Liquefied petroleum gas equipment construction

In addition to scrapping consumer bulk storage tanks, we also carry out work to remove bulk storage tanks that are no longer in use, replace them with new bulk storage tanks, and switch to cylinder containers. The old bulk storage tanks that were removed during the construction work will be transported and scrapped by our company (return of the specified equipment inspection pass certificate is possible), so the construction setup is smooth with a one-stop service. We also carry out re-inspection (*limited to some manufacturers) and replacement work of safety valves for bulk storage tanks, which are required by law every five years. Please feel free to contact us.



Container re-inspection for hydrogen vehicle fuel system

In order to contribute to a decarbonized society, we have started re-inspection of hydrogen containers installed in fuel cell vehicles. We will also start re-inspection services for containers for natural gas vehicles.

Compressed natural gas vehicle fuel system container
Container for compressed hydrogen vehicle fuel system
Container for compressed hydrogen motorcycle fuel system
Compressed hydrogen transportation vehicle container
International Compressed Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel System Vessel
International Mutually Approved Compressed Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel System Container
Accessory inspection for the above