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Safety and Infrastructure



Through re-inspection of LP gas containers, we aim to protect the safety of local communities and deliver a safe life.
We continue to protect the infrastructure of the local community.
In addition, we will “create possibilities” by realizing all possibilities in various ways.
As a creative company, we will continue to take on challenges.


LP gas container re-inspection station

Re-inspection of home-use LP gas containers, large containers, special containers, automobile containers, tank trucks, bulk truck tanks, inspection of accessories and consumer bulk storage tanks, disposal of disused containers, consumer bulk We support a comfortable and safe life using LP gas through integrated operations from storage tank replacement work to scrap disposal, safety inspections of high-pressure gas production equipment, etc.


Designated safety inspection agency

Periodic self-inspections and safety inspections are required every year for mobile manufacturing equipment and filling equipment. In October 2008, we obtained the designation permission of the designated security inspection agency. As a result, it is now possible for us to conduct regular self-inspections and safety inspections.


Designated factory for handling LP gas vehicles

In August 2017, we acquired the designation permission of the designated factory handling LP gas vehicles. As a result, we are now able to issue the "airtightness inspection certificate" required for vehicle inspections of LP gas fueled vehicles, and conduct airtightness inspections and bulkhead inspections when replacing containers. The airtightness inspection takes about 30 minutes, so some customers stop by our company before sending their cars for inspection.


Liquefied petroleum gas equipment construction

In addition to scrapping consumer bulk storage tanks, we also carry out work to remove bulk storage tanks that are no longer in use, replace them with new bulk storage tanks, and switch to cylinder containers. The old bulk storage tanks that were removed during the construction work will be transported and scrapped by our company (return of the specified equipment inspection pass certificate is possible), so the construction setup is smooth with a one-stop service. We also carry out re-inspection (*limited to some manufacturers) and replacement work of safety valves for bulk storage tanks, which are required by law every five years. Please feel free to contact us.

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