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Kyushu Kouatsu is such a company


Through re-inspection of LP gas containers, we continue to protect the infrastructure of the community so that we can protect the safety of the community and deliver a safe life.
In addition, we will continue to take on challenges as a creative company that "creates possibilities" by realizing all possibilities in various ways.

For more than 50 years, we have continued to use LP gas in Kagoshima. Kagoshima Prefecture is a unique prefecture that has many isolated islands that stretch about 600km north to south, with the active volcano Sakurajima as its symbol. Volcanic ash in the central area, salt damage in the remote islands, and sulfur in the hot spring area make it an unfavorable environment for steel LP gas containers. We are working hard every day to make sure you can use it. In addition, LP gas is also used as fuel for taxis and forklifts, and large containers and storage tanks are installed in stores and apartment complexes, and lorries are used for transportation. Various containers and storage tanks are used to use LP gas. Is required. We are working hard to face each and every one of them and continue to be safe and secure. Furthermore, LP gas is expected to spread in Southeast Asian countries and African countries in the future, and we would like to provide reliable partners with the technology and experience of Japanese container inspection. And as the movement toward a decarbonized society becomes more active worldwide, we will make use of our many years of experience in inspections to launch new initiatives such as inspections of structures using drones and inspections of hydrogen containers for fuel cell vehicles. started.

Representative Director and President

鹿児島 山田拓也九州高圧株式会社氏代表取締役


May 1967 Koji Yamada founded the Seibu Tsubame Propane Container Inspection Center in Usuku, Kagoshima Prefecture with a capital of 5 million yen.
August 1968 Minoru Yamada appointed as Representative Director
March 1974 Purchased 2,600m2 of land in Kawabe-cho, Kagoshima and leveled the land
July 1974 Established a new factory and established Kyushu Kouatsu Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.
July 1976 Increased capital by 5 million yen and reorganized as Kyushu Kouatsu Co., Ltd.
1995 Purchased 2,600m2 of adjacent land
May 2003 The neighboring land was leveled and a large container re-inspection factory was newly established.
August 2007 Takuya Yamada appointed as Representative Director
October 2008 Acquisition of designation as a designated security inspection agency
August 2017 Acquired designation as an LP gas vehicle handling factory

Company Profile

company name Kyushu Kouatsu Co., Ltd.
representative Representative Director and President Takuya Yamada
Established May 1, 1967
capital 10 million yen
number of employees 20 people
Business content Re-inspection of general composite containers (aluminum containers, FRP containers, steel containers)
Re-inspection of liquefied petroleum gas containers with an internal volume of 30,000 L or less
Re-inspection of the above 1 and 2 accessories
Drone business
security check
LP gas automobile structural airtightness inspection
Liquefied petroleum gas equipment construction
location Kawabe Plant
9860 Shimizu, Kawabe-cho, Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima Prefecture

qualified person

Class B chemical manager 2 people Class C chemical manager 11 people
Second class sales manager Five people Liquefied Petroleum Gas Equipment Technician 4 people
Filler (bulk truck) 1 person Firefighting Equipment Engineer Class B Class 6 1 person
3rd class auto mechanic 3 people Large car license 7 people
Class B Category 4 Hazardous Materials Handler 3 people Automobile combustion equipment handling Five people
Magnetic particle testing (level 1) MY 3 people Magnetic particle testing (Level 2) MY 1 person
Penetrant Testing (Level 1) PP 4 people Penetrant testing (level 2) PD 2 people
Ultrasonic testing (Level 1) UT 1 person forklift operation 16 people
small mobile crane 6 people Those who have completed the sling skill training 7 people
Operation Chief of Oxygen Deficiency Hazard 6 people Organic solvent work chief 2 people
Drying Equipment Operation Chief 2 people Manual Welding/Basic Welding Basics 1 person
Grinding wheel replacement commissioning worker 2 people Special training for dusty work 3 people
UM ultrasonic heat measurement 1 person Training on flexible pipes for piping 2 people
Floor-operated crane operation 4 people

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