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Business contents of Kyushu Kouatsu

We “Create Possibilities” by realizing every possibility in every way.
We are a creative company. Armed with ideas and realization that can be created, not just thinking,
We will continue to create experiences and impressions that surprise and love people all over the world.

drone Drone business

Using drones, which have been used in various ways in recent years, we aim to secure new security such as inspection of structures.

鹿児島農業散布 ドローン


Drone business

Drones, which can be operated in various places by remote control and automatic control, are being experimented and introduced in various fields such as aerial photography, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, civil engineering and construction, and disaster response, as a countermeasure against labor shortages and improving work efficiency. progressing rapidly. On the other hand, there have been quite a few troubles and accidents related to the operation of drones. We use drones to challenge the possibilities of drones, such as inspecting structures and facilities, spraying pesticides, etc., with legal compliance and safety as the top priority. Possessed qualifications: JUIDA unmanned aerial vehicle operation skill qualification and safety flight manager, 3rd class land special radio engineer

  • 鹿児島農業散布 ドローン
  • 鹿児島農業散布 ドローン
  • 鹿児島農業散布 ドローン
  • 鹿児島農業散布 ドローン
  • 鹿児島農業散布 ドローン
  • 鹿児島農業散布 ドローン